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Fair Trade

Organization of CP operation

Organization of CP operation
Organization of CP operation
  • Compliance Manager
    • Operation, planning, and management of compliance
  • Compliance Office
    • Working-level execution of the compliance program
    • Support of compliance manager
  • CP Committee
    • Setting of compliance program policies, including penalties
    • Review, consultation, processing, decision-making on instances of infringement
  • Department CP Manager
    • Identification of tasks and weaknesses
    • Prevention of instances of infringement, and identification of such instances when they occur

Overview of CP Operation

  1. Formation of CP policies and plans

    Organization of CP entities

    Announcement of CP implementation

  2. CP handbook distribution

    Description of the Fair Trade Act

    Supply of work guidelines

  3. Training and notification

    Employee training

    CP notification

  4. Internal monitoring system


    Analysis, reporting, communication