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Homecare Service

What is Homecare service?

LOTTE HIMART's Homecare service is a total solution for the care of your home.

Using specialized equipment, our experts maintain and care for your home and appliances to help give you the best quality of life possible.

  • Quality Guarantee All services and products insured
  • Expertise Trained homecare experts
  • No. 1 home appliances brand Trust HIMART for home appliance cleaning

Homecare Products

LOTTE HIMART's Homecare is the answer to the difficult task of cleaning home appliances and bedding.

  • Washing machine

    Disassembly and steam cleaning for disinfection

  • Air-conditioner

    Filter change, steam cleaning of heat exchanger for disinfection

  • Refrigerator/Kimchi refrigerator

    Steam cleaning of inside for disinfection, compressor chamber cleaning

  • Bidet

    Disassembly and steam cleaning for disinfection

  • Mattress

    Cleaning with specialized equipment

  • Range hood

    Filter/fan cleaning to remove oil buildup

  • Air purifier

    Disassembly and steam cleaning for disinfection

  • Humidifier

    Steam cleaning of filter and heat exchanger

  • Rice cooker

    Disassembly and steam cleaning for disinfection

  • Vacuum cleaner

    Disassembly and steam cleaning for disinfection

  • Ventilation system

    Steam cleaning of filter and diffuser

  • Dryer

    Disassembly and steam cleaning for disinfection

  • Clothing care system

    Disassembly and steam cleaning for disinfection척

Try out our special HiMart Homecare services including mold-care, plunger cleaning, and insulating film applications and more.

  • Mold

    Mold removal, antibacterial treatment for mold prevention

  • Insulation

    Insulation film, filling of gaps around windows

  • Pipe cleaning

    Cleaning of boiler and water pipes

  • Insect net

    Replacement of insect nets

  • Pigeon eradication

    Removal and prevention of pigeon nests

  • Drain deodorization

    Deodorization of kitchen/toilet/balcony drains

  • Joint maintenance

    Replacement of tile/marble/brick joints

  • Coating

    Coating of kitchen and bathroom surfaces with a durable material

  • Sick building syndrome

    Removal of the causes of sick building syndrome

  • Partition

    Installation of partitions

  • Building cleaning

    Custom cleaning of floors and external walls

  • House cleaning

    Cleaning of new buildings and living spaces

  • Disinfection

    Removal of biological pollutants

  • Inter-level noiseproofing

    Installation of soundproofing material

  • New home inspection

    Inspection of new builds for defects

  • Security

    Real-time home security service

  • Home repairs

    Residential electrical/mechanical system repairs