About LOTTE HIMART, a digital distribution leader in the 21st century.

About Us


Home & Lifestyle Retailer

To add pleasure and value to customers' lifestyles with smart products and services.

Business Policies

Transparent management

Transparent and honest managementdiligent fulfillment of social responsibilities.

Enhancement of core capacities

Top competitiveness in key business area, expansion of business to encompass related fields.

Value-based management

Enhancement of customer value, ongoing creation of profitability and value

Field management

Accurate understanding of business conditions and timely decision-making through field management.

Core Values

challege(story of self) + respect(story of us) + originality(story of future) = beyond customer expectation

The core values are the standards that all LOTTE staff should aspire towardso that LOTTE can fulfill its mission and vision.

Definition and Code of Conduct


Not satisfied with merely meeting customer needs, we create value that exceeds customer expectations.


By focusing on the essence of our business, through challenges and trials we have achieved greater goals over time.

  1. Start

    Understand the essence of the business and set goals directly linked to the performance of the organization as a whole.

  2. Develop

    To achieve goals, voluntarily and continuously improve processes.

  3. Perform

    Set goals of a greater standard and work until they are achieved.


By respecting different opinions, communicating, and following the principles, we function as a trust-based collective.

  1. Start

    Respect the varying opinions of colleagues and interested parties and actively communicate.

  2. Develop

    Follow the principles and work to meet the demands of interested parties.

  3. Perform

    Remember the power of action and act carefully to maintain trust within the collective we are a part of.


By responding to changes with agility and pursuing cooperation that transcends boundaries and innovation that breaks the mold, we create unimitable originality.

  1. Start

    Respond in a way that meets the speed and direction of environmental changes.

  2. Develop

    Take an interest in a wide range of areas and engage in cooperation that transcends boundaries to create greater value.

  3. Perform

    Through originality and innovation, provide products and services that are inimitable.


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