About LOTTE HIMART, a digital distribution leader in the 21st century.

Compliance and Ethics

LOTTE HIMART Code of Conduct

A clear and prosperous world where everyone can trust each other!

That is the beautiful future that we, as LOTTE HIMART staff, must bring about.

Customers' trust

Why do customers choose Lotte products and services? Because they trust the Lotte brand.

Employees' trust

Employees of Lotte are invaluable to the company and each other. It is trust that unifies them.

Partners' trust

Through trust, Lotte becomes one with its partners.

Stockholders' trust

Through honest and transparent business, Lotte protects its stockholders' assets and maximizes their value over time.

Society's trust

A company that is trusted by society as a giver and a role model--that's the company Lotte envisions.