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Homecare Service

Cleaning Products Used for Homecare Service

Use of drugs certified by the national certification authority

LOTTE HIMART Homecare is your total solution for home safety and hygiene. It is designed to give you the healthiest and most pleasant home environment.

Only nationally approved cleaning products are used in Homecare.

Cleaning products used for homecare service
Item Purpose Approved by
Touch Clean Gold Home appliance cleaning Korea Conformity Laboratories
Well-Zone Pin Coil Cleaner Air-conditioner cooling pin cleaning KOTITI Testing and Research Institute
Oven Cleaner Range hood oil buildup cleaning Korea Conformity Laboratories
Eco Cypress Forest Phytoncide Mattress and home appliance deodorizing (multi-purpose cleaning) Korea Conformity Laboratories
M-Zero Mold removal Korea Conformity Laboratories
M-Zero Clean Coat Anti-mold antibacterial coating Korea Conformity Laboratories
Insuladd Bio Coat Anti-mold antibacterial paint Korea Construction Material Inspection Company Korean Air Cleaning Association