About LOTTE HIMART, a digital distribution leader in the 21st century.

Environmental Management


Environmental management is conducted to minimize the environmental damage that inevitably occurs as a result of logistics and sales, and to achieve environmentally sustainable development.

Environmental Management Policies

LOTTE HIMART has the following six environmental policies in place.

  • Conform to domestic and international environmental legislation, and take the initiative in actively responding to environmental issues, including atmospheric pollution and waste.
  • Create an environment-friendly retail market in Korea and provide the consumer with a wide range of environment-friendly products and lifestyles.
  • Create an organized and reliable environmental management system to minimize environmental pollutants such as CO2.
  • Reduce the use of resources and energy in the distribution and sale of products, and create a safe and pleasant business environment.
  • Jointly implement environmental management policies with partner companies for sustainable partnerships and responsible management.
  • Actively take part in environmental preservation activities, and communicate the value of the environment to the consumer and society through various campaigns.

Environmental Objective of 2022

  • Efficient management of energy and resources (reduction of power by 5% and water usage by 7%)
  • Minimization of greenhouse gas emissions with the use of eco-friendly facilities (reduction by 5%)
  • Establish environmental awareness among all employees through environmental education and make environmental conservation activities a way of life (for all employees)