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LOTTE HIMART, the leading brand in the market to add great values to your Life & Style
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Directly managed stores, distribution centers, and service centers are closely connected all over the country, enhancing the shopping convenience of our customers when it comes to home appliances
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We put the happiness of our employees and their families as our utmost priority. We do not spare efforts to grow together with our domestic and overseas partners
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Financial Information

LOTTE HIMART’s major financial highlights and management indicators.

Home & Lifestyle Retailer

LOTTE HIMART is becoming a customer-centered distribution channel, by developing itself into a home-and-lifestyle shop that reflects consumers' needs and lifestyles.

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About Us

LOTTE HIMART is a customer-centered distribution channel that leads the home appliances distribution market of the future.

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LOTTE HIMART provides information on business performance and investment.

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We will assist you with your investment inquiries.

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