Various membership benefits of LOTTE HIMART

L.POINT Membership

About HIMART L.POINT Membership

Use your L.POINTs at HIMART!Enjoy the member benefits of both L.POINT and HIMART.

Differentiated benefits for LOTTE HIMART customers!

Become a LOTTE HIMART L.POINT member and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience.

Special Benefits for HIMART L.POINT Members


    Collect L.POINTs, which are accepted by many partner companies.

  • Bonus Points

    Earn bonus points for purchasing certain items and for larger purchases.

  • Events

    Take part in a range of online/offline events!

  • Premium Service

    Keep shopping to become a VIP and enjoy the premium benefits.

  • Business Benefits

    Business estimation benefits are only available for private business owners who register for business membership