About LOTTE HIMART, a digital distribution leader in the 21st century.


Mutual Growth Promotion Strategy

LOTTE HIMART promises to continue to develop and grow with its partners through 4C.

Strengthening Competitiveness COMPETITIVENESS

LOTTE HIMART’s competitiveness comes from the capabilities of its partners. We do our best to strengthen the competitiveness of our partners through a range of support activities in areas such as finance and education.

Strengthening Cooperation COOPERATION

Cooperation with partners is becoming more important as a way to meet customer needs. LOTTE HIMART supports the expansion of sales channels and sourcing of new products through mutual cooperation.

Reinforcement of communication COMMUNICATION

LOTTE HIMART regularly holds meetings with its partners to listen to the voices of people in the field, and makes efforts to address all partners' grievances.


Mutual growth begins with fair trade with our partners. LOTTE HIMART fosters a healthy collaborative culture through fair and transparent transactions.