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Environmental Management

Three Major Core Tasks

  • Green Awareness & Activities
    • All employees environmentally conscious
    • Certifications and partnerships in environmental management
    Key Tasks
    • Commitment to environmental management by declaration and action
    • Training of all employees (Green Up!)
    • Green Up! campaign
    • Environmental management performance management
    • Social contribution and environmental preservation activities
  • Green Products & Stores
    • At least 5% of all stock eco-friendly
    • Consumers' number-one choice as eco-friendly store
    Key Tasks
    • Creation of an eco-friendly products system
    • Development of more eco-friendly products
    • Sale of more eco-friendly products
    • Creation of a Green Up! store environment
    • Recognition as an eco-friendly company
  • Green System & Facilities
    • Efficient energy use (3% reduction from previous year)
    Key Tasks
    • Installation of energy-efficiency facilities
    • Use of renewable energy
    • Eco-friendly buildings, facilities, materials
    • Eco-friendly distribution system
    • Work allocation for environmental preservation